Release History

Version Date Description 2006-02-13 2006-02-09 2005-11-30
2.3.0-beta-051124 2005-11-24
2.2.1-alpha-050915 2005-09-15
2.2-alpha-050913 2005-09-13
2.1.1-beta-050802 2005-08-02
2.1-beta-050718 2005-07-18
2.0.2-beta-050706 2005-07-06
2.0.1-beta-050628 2005-06-28
2.0-beta-050601 2005-06-01
1.1-050320 2005-03-20
1.1-beta-1 2005-02-16
1.0 2004-11-23
1.0-rc2 2004-10-27
1.0-rc1 2004-10-01

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Release - 2006-02-13

Type Changes By
update translate.smap.generate default to false all-x
add Message.length(FilePositionMessage) operation added to support eclipse error highlighting. all-x
update tree construction continues after error recovery to support Eclipse outline view. all-x
fix Bug in ParameterVariantMatrix all-x
update Eclipse TreeDL plugin used instead of custom TreeDL builders all-x
fix JDK 1.5 API usage removed all-x

Release - 2006-02-09

Type Changes By
add messages generation action for atplib-4.x.x all-x
fix parser error recovery all-x
fix checker error handling all-x

Release - 2005-11-30

Type Changes By
fix workaround for all-x
fix close input file after parsing all-x

Release 2.3.0-beta-051124 - 2005-11-24

Type Changes By
add treedl.language can be specified not only as module property, but as system property to allow TreeDL translation to multiple languages. all-x
add C# generation all-x
add option (property) to specify used version of TreeDL languag e all-x
add options (propertis) to control generation of min and max size of list attributes all-x
add option (property) to control generation of is method for bool attributes all-x
add option (property) to control generation of remove method of list attributes all-x
add more than one properties section allowed all-x

Release 2.2.1-alpha-050915 - 2005-09-15

Type Changes By
add options (properties) added to control generation of checks for non-optional attributes, not empty lists and setonce attributes all-x
fix bugs in operations checking and translation fixed all-x

Release 2.2-alpha-050913 - 2005-09-13

Type Changes By
add inheritance of operations is implemented all-x
add overloading of operations implemented all-x
add check methods for attributes of enumeration types all-x
add options (properties) added for generation of default constructor, list attributes get, size, add methods, enum attributes check methods all-x
add some useful operations added to TreeDL.tdl all-x
fix generics are used for types of list attributes all-x

Release 2.1.1-beta-050802 - 2005-08-02

Type Changes By
fix non-late overriding attribute is constructor parameter when overridden attribute is late all-x
add Error mesage: AbstractAttributeShouldBeOverridden all-x
add readResolve() for EnumClass inheritors is generated to allow == comparision after deserialization all-x

Release 2.1-beta-050718 - 2005-07-18

Type Changes By
add Translation to Java5 all-x
add Error message: CaseParameterTypeShouldNotBeAbstract all-x
fix Bugs in Checker and Java/Java5 translation of operations all-x

Release 2.0.2-beta-050706 - 2005-07-06

Type Changes By
add SMAP file generation. all-x
fix Default switch for operation cases generation added. all-x
fix ParameterVariantMatrix.getVariants( int ) error fixed. all-x

Release 2.0.1-beta-050628 - 2005-06-28

Type Changes By
add Positions of entities in source file are available in tree. all-x

Release 2.0-beta-050601 - 2005-06-01

Type Changes By
update New version of language: attribute modifiers, enum/flags redesigned, operations added. TreeDL.tdl simplified. all-x

Release 1.1-050320 - 2005-03-20

Type Changes By
update Unexpected EOF causes only one error message. all-x
add Paraphrases for lexer token. all-x
add 'root' keyword and translation added all-x

Release 1.1-beta-1 - 2005-02-16

Type Changes By
fix com.unitesk.atp.tree.Node interface not added to list of implemented interfaces for node class when custom base class used all-x
add Visitor pattern generation canceled when tree property"" all-x
fix all-x
update getAttr(mask) methods renamed to checkAttr(mask). all-x
add 'print' action and printer visitor. all-x
add C# codegeneration. all-x

Release 1.0 - 2004-11-23

Type Changes By
add Testing framework added. Several tests added. all-x
add Semantic rule T2: added requirement 'No tree can be listed more than once in a list of base trees.' all-x
add get(mask) method for attributes of enum types. all-x
add Depth-first walker generator. all-x
update Empty visitor methods call default implementation that can be overriden by inheritors. all-x
add Predefined types added. all-x
update Identifiers coinciding with keyword are escaped by '@' (not by '_' as in previous versions). all-x
update CODE and TDL lexers improved (k=1 instead of 2). all-x
fix Request 1061349: '/' in customization code not recognized. all-x

Release 1.0-rc2 - 2004-10-27

Type Changes By
update NameFunction, ObjectTypeFunction made public. all-x
fix TreeClass base tree removed, base node specified using 'default.class' tree property. all-x
add Tree property 'default.class' added. all-x
fix Special processing of root node type - full name required. all-x
fix Exception was thrown when there were errors in tree properties. all-x
update If literal type contains matched ' < ' ... ' > ' then ' > ' should not be escaped by '\'. Only sinlgle ' < ' or ' > ' should be escaped. Example:

attribute < List < String > > l;

attribute < Some\ > Strange\ < type > m;
fix Escape sequences processing fixed (request 1047677). all-x
update TDL.Tree node renamed to TDL.TreeDesc because of mess with com.unitesk.atp.tree.Tree and com.unitesk.atp.tree.tool.Tree classes. all-x
fix Empty identifier (prefixed with '_') is not allowed now. all-x

Release 1.0-rc1 - 2004-10-01

Type Changes By
update Initial revision. all-x