2006.03.13. New releases:

2006.02.14. New releases:

These are bugfix releases and ANTLR support from 3.6.4 added to 4.0.1.

2006.02.09. New releases:

atplib-4.x.x contains redesigned messages subsystem, not compatible with atplib-3.x.x. TreeDL tool still uses 3.x.x. However, this TreeDL release has messages2 action to generate atplib-4.x.x compatible property file with messages patterns.

Some features of atplib-3.x.x (tool & plugins framework) are not included in atplib-4.0.0 yet. They will be added to 4.x.x after redesign.

2005.11.24. New releases:

The main new feature of this release is new target language - C#. It is TreeDL 1.x C# generation updated for new TreeDL language features. Is was tested with unreleased C# AST.

In general, this is beta release, but now each plugin has its own stability status. Java generation is almost stable (almost - because of operations that are not fully tested yet), Java5 generation is beta, C# generation is alpha.

To see a status of all plugins, run:

treedl -

To see description of <plugin>, including status:

treedl - <plugin>

Another nice feature - isAttrName() methods for boolean attributes attrName. Note, if attrName already starts with is, method name will be attrName(). That is, boolean attribute isValid can be accessed through isValid(), not isIsValid(). Of course, old getIsValid() method also can be used.

2005.09.15. New release: treedl-2.2.1-alpha-05.09.15 [changes].

Some bugs fixed in semantic checking and translation of operations. Also options added to control generation of checks for non-optional attributes, not-empty lists and setonce attributes.

2005.09.13. New releases: treedl-2.2-alpha-05.09.13 [changes], atplib-3.6-beta-05.09.13 [changes].

This release adds inheritance of operations (see 'Inheritance of operations' section in language reference). Because it's major new feature, treedl release is qualified as alpha. Translation of node types and enumeration types should be stable as in previous releases, but translation of operations (especially with more than one virtual parameters from more than one module) should be reviewed. After some testing and the use of this TreeDL release in j5tdl development, it will be returned to beta status.

Also, some entity properties are added for translate action to make translation more flexible. See the documentation for translate action in TreeDL tool user's guide.

2005.08.15. Site updated for TreeDL v.2.

2005.08.02. New releases: treedl-2.1.1-beta-05.08.02, atplib-3.5.2-beta-05.08.02.