All downloads are at the project site. There are the following packages:

  1. treedl : TreeDL tool

    • treedl-<version>-<status>-<date> - The main distribution package containing binaries, all required libraries, documentation and sources.

    • treedl-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - Separate TreeDL tool binaries. Also included in the standalone TreeDL tool distribution.

    • treedl-<version>-<status>-<date> - TreeDL tool sources. Also included in the standalone TreeDL tool distribution.

  2. atp : Run-time libraries (ATP is attributed tree processing)

    1. atplib : ATP library for Java is used by TreeDL tool itself; by default required by Java code generated by TreeDL tool.

      • atplib-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - Binaries. Also included in the standalone TreeDL tool distribution.

      • atplib-<version>-<status>-<date> - Sources.

      Please note that two versions of atplib available: 3.x.x required only by TreeDL tool itself, generated Java code compatible with 3.x.x as well as with latest 4.x.x.

    2. atplibj5 : ATP library for Java 5 is Java 5 wrapper for some atplib interfaces. Requires JDK 1.5 or later.

      • atplibj5-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - Binaries.

      • atplibj5-<version>-<status>-<date> - Sources.

    3. : ATP library for .NET is C# implementation of atplib. By default required by C# code generated by TreeDL tool.

      •<version>-<status>-<date> - Sources.

  3. Integration

    1. Maven

      • maven-treedl-plugin-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - The plugin to execute TreeDL tool from Maven; depends on maven-atp-plugin.

      • maven-atp-plugin-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - Auxiliary plugin required by maven-treedl-plugin and similar plugins.

    2. Eclipse

      • treedl.eclipse-<version>-<status>-<date>.zip - Archived update site with Eclipse TreeDL plugin.

    3. Colorer scheme (for Eclipse and FAR file manager)

      • TreeDL.hrc-<version>.zip

  4. Examples

    1. j5tdl : Java 5 frontend implemented using ANTLR and TreeDL

      • j5tdl-<version>-<status>-<date>.jar - Binaries.

      • j5tdl-<version>-<status>-<date> - Sources.