Attributed Tree Processing (ATP) library is run-time support library required by default to execute code generated by TreeDL tool. ATP library contains:

  • Base interfaces and implementations for TreeDL modules, types and operations translated to programming language.

  • Framework for language processing tools: command-line, configuration file, plugins.

  • Framework for diagnostic messages creation and output.

  • Framework for text generation based on templates.

All these facilities are used by TreeDL tool itself.

There are several versions of ATP library:

  • atplib - ATP library for Java used by generated Java and Java 5 code.

  • atplibj5 - Java 5 wrapper for some interfaces of atplib. Requires JDK 1.5 or later.

  • - ATP library for .NET implemented in C# used by generated C# code. Currently only TreeDL 1.x can generate C# code, this functionality will be ported to TreeDL 2.x in the near future.