Release History

Version Date Description
4.0.1-beta-060214 2006-02-14
3.6.4-stable-060214 2006-02-14
4.0.0-beta-060209 2006-02-09
3.6.3-stable-060209 2006-02-09
3.6.2-stable-051130 2005-11-30
3.6.1-stable-051124 2005-11-24
3.6-beta-050913 2005-09-13
3.5.2-beta-050802 2005-08-02
3.5.1-beta-050718 2005-07-18
3.5-beta-050718 2005-07-18
3.4-beta-050706 2005-07-06
3.3-beta-050628 2005-06-28
3.2-beta-050601 2005-06-01
3.1-050320 2005-03-20
3.1-beta-2 2005-02-21
3.1-beta-1 2005-02-16
3.0 2004-11-23
3.0-rc2 2004-10-27
3.0-rc1 2004-10-01

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Release 4.0.1-beta-060214 - 2006-02-14

Type Changes By
add OffsetRange class all-x
add methods in PositionFactory all-x
add OffsetToken and OffsetFilter classes all-x
add ANTLR support from 3.6.4 added all-x
add RangeContext, OffsetPositionContext, OffsetRangeContext and correspondent MessageReceiverAdapter methods all-x
fix MessageStringManager#defaultName initialized all-x
fix StatisticsMessageReceiver#messageCountMap initialized all-x

Release 3.6.4-stable-060214 - 2006-02-14

Type Changes By
add OffsetRange class all-x
add methods in PositionFactory all-x
add OffsetToken and OffsetFilter classes all-x

Release 4.0.0-beta-060209 - 2006-02-09

Type Changes By
update messages redesigned. Not compatible with 3.x.x all-x
remove Not all 3.x.x updated for 4.x.x. Plugin framework not included. all-x

Release 3.6.3-stable-060209 - 2006-02-09

Type Changes By
add Accessor.hasAttribute( Object, String ) all-x
add text.location.OffsetPosition - position with offset all-x

Release 3.6.2-stable-051130 - 2005-11-30

Type Changes By
fix workaround for do?bug_id=6310537 all-x

Release 3.6.1-stable-051124 - 2005-11-24

Type Changes By
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.tool.antlr.TokenFactory: Create positions from token. all-x

Release 3.6-beta-050913 - 2005-09-13

Type Changes By
update com.unitesk.atp.tree: Keyed interface separated from Node interface. Node and Enum interfaces extend Keyed. all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.tree: Node.resetParent() method added to allow subtree unlinking. all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.dynattrs: Accessor.setAttribute( Object obj, String name, Object elem ) for completeness all-x
update Maven-generated site used only for project reports, all info moved one level up - to TreeDL home page. all-x
fix com.unitesk.atp.dynattrs.Accessor: setAccessible(true) applied to Method objects corresponfing to read/write bean properties methods. all-x
remove com.unitesk.atp.tree.generation.TreeDefaultFunction: Deprecated method setVisitorFunction(TextGeneratorVisitor) removed. all-x

Release 3.5.2-beta-050802 - 2005-08-02

Type Changes By
update com.unitesk.atp.tree.dynattrs.MapAttributed: default map created only by request all-x

Release 3.5.1-beta-050718 - 2005-07-18

Type Changes By
update com.unitesk.atp.tree.EnumClass implements Serializable all-x

Release 3.5-beta-050718 - 2005-07-18

Type Changes By
update com.unitesk.atp.tree.generation.TreeDefaultFunction: TextGeneratorVisitor used for node processing replaced by more general Function set by new method setNodeFunction(Function) all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.generation.TextGeneratorClient separated from com.unitesk.atp.tree.generation.TextGeneratorVisitor to allow different dispatching scheme - for example, using TreeDL operations all-x
fix com.unitesk.atp.messages.FileMessage format fixed all-x

Release 3.4-beta-050706 - 2005-07-06

Type Changes By
fix com.unitesk.atp.text.filters.PositionFilter all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.messages.InternalErrorMessage all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.text.filters.MessageBoxExceptionHandler all-x

Release 3.3-beta-050628 - 2005-06-28

Type Changes By
add com.unitesk.atp.text.filters.PositionFilter all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.tool.antlr.ListFactory and implementations all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.tool.antlr.JavaUnicodeEscapeFilterReader all-x

Release 3.2-beta-050601 - 2005-06-01

Type Changes By
add Changes for TreeDL 2.0: Node keys, Enums. all-x

Release 3.1-050320 - 2005-03-20

Type Changes By
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.tool.antlr.LinkedToken: EOF token text set. all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.tree.TreeClass is marked Serializable. all-x
update Tree.getRoot() - > Tree.getRootNode() Tree.setRoot() - > Tree.setRootNode() all-x

Release 3.1-beta-2 - 2005-02-21

Type Changes By
add com.unitesk.atp.dynattrs package: implementations of Attributed interface are marked Serializable. all-x
add TreePrinter separated from DumpAction. all-x

Release 3.1-beta-1 - 2005-02-16

Type Changes By
add for usage in messages added. all-x
update Node interface doesn't depend on Attributed interface now. all-x

Release 3.0 - 2004-11-23

Type Changes By
update package.html files translated to English. all-x
add Several unit tests added. all-x
add com.unitesk.atp.messages.ListMessageBox class added. all-x

Release 3.0-rc2 - 2004-10-27

Type Changes By
update com.unitesk.atp.tree.TreeImpl merged into TreeClass. all-x

Release 3.0-rc1 - 2004-10-01

Type Changes By
update Initial revision. all-x